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Our Country's Finest Under Addiction :

Our Country’s Finest Under Addiction


The police are supposed to stop drug sales and drug usage and to arrest people who are driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. So why do some of them become addicted to drugs and alcohol themselves?


Police officers are exposed to the ugliest parts of human existence on a daily basis. Even the most upbeat and positive officers can become disheartened when they see child abuse, wasted lives of homeless people, the ugly aftermath of a murder and more. Like our soldiers in battle, many of them suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.


We see our police officers as strong people who can take anything. We often forget just how much they do take, especially in large cities. Exposure to the dirtier side of life, the part where people have no regard for one another or for life itself, can cause unbelievable stress. Many officers try to live up to that strong image and fail to seek help when it becomes too much for them.


When officers are involved in a foot chase or have to struggle with a suspect to get him/her under control, injuries often happen. In our modern society, taking a pill for pain has taken the place of therapy, exercise and other treatments. This type of solution ignores the cause of the pain and encourages drug treatment. Officers are often prescribed pain medication for job related injuries. It becomes easy just to take a pill when it hurts. The pain stops and you are good to go.


Some people can handle the drugs and stop using them when the pain goes away. Others become addicted and need more. They begin taking them more often and eventually get to a point where the doctor’s prescriptions are not enough and they have to find illegal ways of obtaining their drugs. Once this process begins, they are easy targets for drug dealers to expand their usage into other drugs.


Alcohol is another danger for police officers. Many American adults drink socially. Police officers are under so much stress at work, they may feel the need to drink when they get off work, whether at a bar or at home. That one drink often turns into many drinks. It becomes hard to get up in the morning and more difficult to perform at the level expected of an officer.


One day the need for a drink might occur earlier in the day, and it may become a habit to have a drink at lunch. Drinking becomes the focus rather than the release that it once was. When this happens, if help is not sought, then a life begins to slowly unravel. There is trouble at work and at home.


It is important on any police force for everyone to be vigilant and observant of others. If drug and alcohol abuse is identified before it becomes a real problem, there is help available and jobs and lives can be saved. If it is not identified early enough, then most assuredly the job is gone and whether the addict gets help and recovers his life is questionable.


Many officers feel the shame of having failed at being one of “our finest” and commit suicide. These cases can be avoided if police departments are educated and tasked with identifying issues before they become problems. Every police department should also have a plan for dealing with problems when it becomes apparent that it can no longer be handled in house.


New York Recovery Home is open to police departments as a place where officers can get the private treatment they need away from the prying eyes of others. Our treatment facility is a small Bed and Breakfast style facility tucked away in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.


We are a 13 bed facility that offers personalized treatment for drug and alcohol addictions.


Because we do not accept insurance, we are not bound by insurance companies idea of the length and method of treatment. We work with the individual at his/her pace and cater our treatment to the needs of the client. Lives and jobs can be saved if a reliable treatment is available to police officers who are in need of intervention.

We are here to help.