• Name : Mary M
  • Birthday :August 27, 1985
  • Date joined Amity Connect : August 30, 2012
  • Date of Sobriety : August 3, 2012
  • That's 11 days , 4 months , 5 years Sober !
  • Commitment
  • About Me: I am 27 years old. I have a five year old daughter. I have an addiction for narcotics. I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot handle this on my own and need help.
  • My baby girl has been sick with fever for 11 days. Dr. Says it is bronchitis. It got worse when they gave her a flu shot after no fever for a couple of days. Then she really got sick.
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  • I feel almost normal today. And I made it through without pain pills. Yeah me.
    profile 1794 days ago
  • I had a tooth pulled today. Ugh! It hurts like ........ No pain meds. Heaven help me! I am in so much pain.
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  • My five year old read a book to me last night. PD Eastman's Are You My Mother. I had to help her a little, but she read most of it. I didn't know she could do that. WOW! That is motivation to stay sober!!!
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  • Had a good Christmas. My little one had an awesome Christmas and has been playing with toys since Christmas day. Hope the newness doesn't wear off soon. This was probably my first sober Christmas in 15 years. Yeah! me!
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  • I should be in bed, but can't sleep. It is really cold for the Gulf Coast of Texas. Supposed to freeze tonight. Good sleeping weather but not good for my arthritis. My back hurts so bad and the doc hasn't refilled my muscle relaxant. It is the only drug I am still taking. I gave up the pain medication about three months ago
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  • The medicine I got was good stuff. My cough is almost gone and the infection seems to have cleared up. Yeah!
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  • One of my friends OD'd last weekend. I am very sad for her family and very glad that I got off the pills. On top of that, I have bronchitis. Went to the doc today and got $80 worth of medicine. I feel like *&%^. Fever and coughing. No fun at Christmas and with a memorial service to go to.
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  • My mom and I took my daughter to see Santa's Magic TimePiece today. It was adorable. Anyone in the Houston area should go. It was geared for children and interactive. We really enjoyed it.
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  • littlelamb created a new topic Missing Status Posts in the forum.
    Is anyone else having this problem? I post my status and then when I come back, one or more status post are gone so it looks like I haven't been on the site in a week or two when I have posted just recently.
    kunena.post 1840 days ago
  • Where do my post go? I have posted several times since the last post showing. This is irritating.
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  • I am finally on the mend and thismorning my Little One work up with a temp of 102.8. When will this ever end. Ever since she started school, someone in this house has been sick. Ugh!
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  • I have been so sick. I am tired of being sick. Hope I can get back to normal and get on with my life. Two weeks of bed rest is for the birds. Texans won yesterday!
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  • Trick or treating with the little one last night. Sooooo much candy!
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  • Went out to dinner with the family for my birthday tonight. Now my mom and I are both sick. Not fun.
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