• Name : Sam G
  • Birthday :April 10, 1989
  • Date joined Amity Connect : August 30, 2012
  • Date of Sobriety : September 12, 2012
  • That's 1 days , 3 months , 5 years Sober !
  • Commitment
  • About Me: I love smoking pot. I don't really want to do anything much but sit around and smoke and play video games. But I have to quit so I can get a job.
  • Today it is in the 70's and I am off. I have rotten luck where the weather is concerned. Today my driver's license suspension is up. I can drive again (once I pay my fines, that is.)
    profile 1784 days ago
  • Man, it's cold out there. It was 31 degrees when I went to work this morning. That is cold for these parts and I don't like having to work out in it one little bit. But I still like my job and I am thankful for it. So there.
    profile 1789 days ago
  • replied to the Question Re: Journal: What is your opinion on providing clean needles for IV drug users?

    I guess I am pretty conservative. I don't think needles should be given to promote more drug use. Use that money for rehab.
    profile 1794 days ago
  • replied to the Question Re: Ethics: Should a parent be allowed to kick an underage child out of the house if he is using drugs .

    I understand a parent not wanting to have a child on drugs at home, but some arrangements have to be made. You just can't put them out on the street.
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  • Oh the weather has been nasty these last few days and I have been working out in it. I am ready for some sunshine and warm days. Not hot please. Just warm.
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  • Boy, working in the cold is no fun. I left my heavy coat at a friend's on New Years eve. Luckily, I got a new coat for Christmas. it is warmer than Ithought it was. God is good!
    profile 1803 days ago
  • Have to work today and it is cold. Taking a break right now. Have to go back out in the cold soon. I made it through the holidays without smoking pot. First time in a long time. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
    profile 1808 days ago
  • Was off today. I go back tomorrow and work thru Sunday. The overtime pay is great here at Christmas. I don't have time to worry about smoking pot. I am two busy at work. I go in at 8:30 and have been getting off at 11:30. Five days of that and I am ready to crash!
    profile 1825 days ago
  • That norther came in while I was at work last night. It rained and got cold all of a sudden. I am glad I am off today. Will have to work in the cold all week though. But it does feel more like Christmas.
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  • profile 1828 days ago
  • It helped that I told them I was drug free and had gotten a job. I think I have learned my lesson! No more driving after drinking and no more pot!!!
    profile 1832 days ago
  • Man, I am one lucky dude! I had a DWI and possession charge. Went to jail for 5 days when it happened. I have been back to court twice since then and they always have the paperwork wrong. Today the DA asked the judge to give me time served and let me go because he was tired of dealing with it and the officer was tired of coming to court for nothing. Judge agreed and I am free!
    profile 1832 days ago
  • They have been messing with my work schedule again. Now I have to work on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. And my Texans are still winning. They had two hard fought games but made it through. I am doing good with not smoking pot. Wish I could do as well with cigs.
    profile 1842 days ago
  • Love that I have the money to play online games. $17 a month gets me all the time I want. And the Texans won again. go team!
    profile 1855 days ago
  • Some of my posts have disappeared. I have completed three weeks at my new job. Got a one week paycheck. it is so nice to have money in my pocket again. Getting caught up on myu bills. Life is goodl.
    profile 1863 days ago
  • Man, I enjoyed having four days off. Have to hit it at 7:45 in the morning.
    profile 1874 days ago
  • Worked 14 hours on Thursday and 12 hours on Friday. Going in again today. I work 3 days on and 4 off. Finally will have some money coming in.
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