• Name : Suzie C
  • Birthday :May 5, 1959
  • Date joined Amity Connect : August 30, 2012
  • Date of Sobriety : October 20, 2012
  • That's 23 days , 1 months , 5 years Sober !
  • Commitment
  • About Me: I used to play punk rock and use cocaine and heroin. I haven't used drugs in 8 years, but drink. Lately, I have been drinking way too much wine and have fallen and hurt myself several times.
  • Still doing well. I think I have finally realized what I have been doing to my body. I am really trying to maintain this time. I will succeed!
    profile 1762 days ago
  • I am doing so much better. AA is awesome. They take you in with all your faults and support you even when you are not doing what you are supposed to. It is truly a lifesaver.
    profile 1774 days ago
  • Went to a meeting tonight. It was really hard, but I did it. I am still looking for a residential rehab I can afford. One step at a time.
    profile 1778 days ago
  • I have to get back on track. I have been so embarrassed, I haven't answered my sponsors calls or gone to a meeting. I know I should, but I really screwed up. And I still look horrible.
    profile 1782 days ago
  • Oh,my. I have been depressed about work and my life in general. I went on a binge Sunday afternoon and got really drunk. I fell and busted up my face and now I can't go to work. I should know that drinking is only gonna' make it worse. I am looking for a rehab program now. I know I can't do this alone. Trouble is, I don't have any money. Have to find a place that will take me. Pray for me.
    profile 1784 days ago
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  • I have been busy looking for a second job;. Commissions have been really bad lately and I just heard that my company may be closing this office. I really need to branch out fast.
    profile 1794 days ago
  • Completed the Finish the Sentence survey
    profile 1795 days ago
  • Read in the news today that India is having really cold weather and people are dying. Makes you thankful for what you have. Somehow our weather doesn't seem so bad today.
    profile 1803 days ago
  • Made it through the holidays without wine. I think I am doing pretty well. As long as I stay in touch with my sponsor and keep up with my program, I am staying sober. And I am so much more clear headed.
    profile 1807 days ago
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  • punkerdoodle created a new topic What is your best Christmas memory? in the forum.
    I went to see the Christmas Lights with my parents. There was a hospital on huge grounds that had lights set up with Disney themes. It took about 20 minutes to drive thru it all. Afterwards, we went for hot chocolate and cookies at a local diner.

    I miss my parents. They are both gone and I especially miss them at Christmas.
    kunena.post 1826 days ago
  • Procrastinating is my game. I still haven't done any workbooks. My sponsor is not happy. Gotta' work overtime today. Holidays coming up and when I don't work, I don't get paid. Gotta' work all I can before then.
    profile 1826 days ago
  • Still haven't gotten to the workbooks and don't have time today. Just wanted to check in. I need to actually open this site at least three times a week. That is on my plan with my sponsor. Will come back to work books later.
    profile 1828 days ago
  • I need to start working some workbooks. I have been going to AA and working with my sponsor. She likes this site and said it would be good if I did the workbooks on the site. I guess I am just lazy. Gotta get over that.
    profile 1832 days ago
  • I see other people have lost postings too. I know it hasn't been 23 days since I was here. I posted last week. Anyway, Thanksgiving went well. I did good. I am happy.
    profile 1839 days ago
  • Back to work today. I have been doing better. And I have kept up with my AA meetings. Life is going well.
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