• Name : Calvin S
  • Birthday :December 3, 1984
  • Date joined Amity Connect : August 30, 2012
  • Date of Sobriety : October 14, 2012
  • That's 29 days , 1 months , 5 years Sober !
  • Commitment
  • About Me: I am a 25 years old and single. I just broke up with my girlfriend. I grew up in foster care and hae been on my on since I was 15. My mom is a homeless heroin addict. I live with a friend's parents.
  • Guess I want be moving to Atlanta. Have a lead on an office building maintaince job. That would be great. Business hours and good hourly pay. Hope his works out. I am doing great on the not drinking. It is still hard, but I have stopped hanging around with the drinkers and am doing some other stuff. More later.
    profile 1774 days ago
  • Don't know if Atlanta is going to work out. I just need to get a good waitstaff job. That pays pretty good if you know how to treat people.
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  • I might be moving to Atlanta. I think I have a lead on an AC/Heating job in Atlanta. Nothing to hold me here. I hope it works out. We will see. I am staying sober and I am ready to move on.
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  • Jobs going good. I got some time and a half days over the holidays and had a real good Christmas. Staying off the booze is a struggle every day, but I am doing good.
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  • Started at Starbucks yesterday. I used to be a manager there and I went in as a peon under people I had trained. Hope I can move up quickly,. But hey, its a job.
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  • Completed the A listing of my assets survey
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  • Well. I am not an AC man anymore. I tried working at a garden center for a couple of weeks, but it is standing on my feet all day watering plants and unloading trucks. I don't want to do that. I am going to finish out this week and then I will start at a coffee shop next week. I wasn't cut out for manual labor. Hard work and no mental stimulation. Not for me.
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  • Got into a fight with my boss on Friday and now I have no job. I'm not sure if I quit or got fired. Guess it really doesn't matter. I hated that job. But here I am at the holidays with no income. Gotta' find something soon.
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  • No work. This season where you don't need AC and you don't need heat is killing me. If I don't work I don't get paid and if I don't have anything to do, I wnat to drink.
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  • It's been a tough week. My old girlfriend came around. I swore I wasn't gonna' get caught up in that again, but here I am. I told her no more drugs and alcohol. We'll see how that goes.
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  • Tough weekend. I had a couple of beers (well more than a couple) with a friend. Guess I have to start all over. '
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  • I am gonna' start working the workbooks here and see if that helps. I really don't want to go to meetings. Not in this town. I have known for years everyone who goes to AA here.
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  • Completed the Distance and Distraction survey
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  • This is not getting any easier. I really don't want to go to meetings. In a small town, everyone knows everyone elses business.
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