• Name : Bert B
  • Birthday :March 17, 1964
  • Date joined Amity Connect : August 31, 2012
  • Date of Sobriety : September 13, 2012
  • That's 0 days , 3 months , 5 years Sober !
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  • About Me: I am married with 2 teenagers. My kids have been experimenting with drugs and alcohol. My wife says my drinking is setting a bad example an wants me to stop, but it is difficult.
  • Working, working, working. Overtime is great for the family budget, but it doesn't leave time for anything. At least I have been too tired to worry about drinking.
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  • I am really upset about all this gun control talk. I fear what will happen to this nation. We are so divided. Living in California, I am in the majority being a conservative.
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  • replied to the Question Re: Ethics: Should a parent be allowed to kick an underage child out of the house if he is using drugs .

    I've already told my two if they want to use drugs, they can find another place to live and I will drive them there. They are not staying here if they do that stuff.
    profile 1794 days ago
  • Don't know what is going to become of this country. You read everyday about gun crimes and now they are beginning to publicize incidence where citizens with guns have saved the day. I wonder what will happen if they really try to take guns away from citizens. I know I'm no giving mine up. In fact, I think I will get a couple more just in case.
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  • Completed the Survey on Triggers survey
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  • Happy New Year. Had a great Christmas. We all got computer toys and the modem went down for about 12 hours. But that just caused us to spend some time together. Not a bad thing.
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  • What is the world coming to? So many senseless shootings. I think our drug culture has warped our morals and our sense of community. Sad day for America.
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  • Completed the My fears survey
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  • Boy, northern California has had some really bad weather the last week or so. It has been nice in San Diego. Sure glad we are not flooding. Prayers with those who have been displaced.
    profile 1832 days ago
  • I survived Thanksgiving. Think the in-laws were shocked to see me without a beer. It was excruciating being there for three days but I survived and wife was a happy camper.
    profile 1839 days ago
  • Can't believe it is already Thanksgiving week. Going to the wife's family for T'day. Roadtrip with teenagers is always fun!
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  • profile 1855 days ago
  • When the check came in for my overtime, I was able to buy a new computer for my wife. Awesome feeling to give her something she really needed. Not spending all that money on beer is beginning to make a difference in our budget.
    profile 1863 days ago
  • Having trouble getting back in the swing of life now that the overtime is slowing down. Hope to log in and work some workbooks soon.
    profile 1872 days ago
  • I see the videos are fixed. Last time I was on here they were all messed up.
    profile 1881 days ago
  • Been working a lot of overtime. No time to get on the internet and no time to worry about drinking beer. Work and sleep. Finally have a day off.
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  • Can't wait for the debate tonight. Should be interesting.
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