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Wednesday, 25 April 2012 11:46

When one stops marijuana, it is usually 'cold turkey'.  There are no severe withdrawal symptoms as with some other drugs.  It is, however, usually wise to seek professional help in staying off the drug.

There are several options available for marijuana cessation treatment.  Perhaps the most common is a Twelve Step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous.   There are programs devoted to stopping narcotics or marijuana use, but if you live in a less populous area, AA may be your only option.

In a twelve step program you are encouraged to get a sponsor (someone who has been through the steps) to aid you in your step work and to keep you accountable.

Individual therapy is another option.  It is often quite expensive, but it will give you the opportunity to address the various personal  issues that pertain to your marijuana usage with a trained professional.  You will also receive education and work on a relapse prevention plan.

Group therapy is less expensive than individual therapy and will allow you to meet with others who have similar backgrounds and lifestyles to delve into your marijuana usage.  One of the benefits of group therapy is that you will be held accountable by the group.

Group therapy gives you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and to express your feelings and fear to others who are experiencing similar emotions.  Sharing the failures and successes of others can be motivating in itself.  You are often inspired by the struggles and successes of your group mates.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy is another common treatment choice for overcoming marijuana addiction.  IOP is usually held at a drug treatment or medical facility.  The addict goes to sessions, both individual and group, several times a week (sometimes daily) and is free to go about his own routine when not in session.

In addition to individual and group sessions, IOP programs usually include a Twelve Step program,  family counseling and education and relapse prevention planning.

Rehabilitation centers are the most intensive and the most successful treatment for marijuana addiction.  Rehab offers individual, group, and family counseling in addition to 24 hour monitoring and scheduling.  Most rehab programs also include working the Twelve Steps of AA.

Removing yourself from the places and people that you have used with gives you a chance to achieve sobriety and learn new coping skills without constantly being exposed to the environment in which you used marijuana

Most of the time, choice of program is influenced by the availability and cost of programs.  The important thing is to seek some type of intervention.  One of the great dangers of marijuana use is that, as tolerance builds, the user often seeks harder drugs to maintain the feelings once provided by marijuana.  Addiction to cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs often follows marijuana addiction.


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